About us

The ORGANIZAÇÃO CONTÁBIL COSTOYA is an Accounting Office specialized in consulting and advisory services for companies, independent and freelancers’ professionals, we also offer fiscal and financial guidance. We have a highly outstanding team of professionals according to the most modern technical software and hardware, aiming not only our clients’ growth but also the lowest taxes burden according to the accounting standards ethical, fiscal and legal. Highlighting our goals:


Solid relationship

The development of a solid relationship with our clients, through results that enable an excellent and efficient accounting service.



Getting to know our clients to fulfill their requirements of tributaries taxes, administration and businesses, whether common or extraordinary, contentious or consultative.



Meetings our clients needs in a personalized way, taking into consideration our efficient attendance, an unique personal contact with our clients, company’s partners and employees by our well trained professionals always ready to assist.



Constantly consulting and advisory project implantation together with our clients, allowing full diagnosis of the real situation and a considerable optimization of the results as well as the security of having in your company an efficient business consulting.



Constantly working as well with online reports courses, newsletter and updating partners on polemical of the accounting world, legislative, business and legal associated with a critical and precised analysis.



Based on a solid and enduring relationship with our clients, worrying about the customer fidelity due to the efficiency and ongoing work.



Offering consulting and advisory services on: Fiscal, Labor legislation, Accounting and Taxes, aiming at profit. Being an organization that shows credibility and honesty to our clients, through appreciation. Building up the biggest accountancy office of the region, aiming at service excellence, ISO 9001.



  • Perform activities with love and dedication to the career;
  • Credibility, Honesty and Excellence in services provided;
  • Continuity and improvement of our team’s development engaging all of them;
  • Ethics, Satisfaction and involvement with our clients.



Looking for solutions, easing of the business process and creating a perfect partnership with ethics and professionalism.


Costoya’s Philosophy

Seriousness, transparency and total support to our clients are the pillars that make the Organização Contábil Costoya a solid and traditional office, being ready to attend your needs.