Quality Strategy

Our Accounting quality strategy is based on ethics, essential factor to our professional experience, in constant improvement of internal process, in technical qualification of our employees and the use of new technologies searching for continuous improvement.


Fiscal Department

  • Guidance and control of current legal devices used, federal, state or municipal;
  • ICMS, IPI ISS bookkeeping and bond issues;
  • Cash-receipt, cash-disbursements and services journal;
  • Attendance of other requirements set in administrative directives, as well as taxes audit.



  • Opening a company
  • Contractual alteration
  • Closure of plant
  • Regularization of companies
  • Corporate income tax
  • Income tax Declaration
  • INSS, FGTS, Federal, ICMS and ISS certificate
  • Certificate of no Insolvency or Concordats requests



  • Orientation and control of the legislative measures used
  • Elaboration of the annual income statement
  • Attendance of other requirements set in administrative directives, as well eventual procedures of inspection.


Accounting Department

  • Classification and accounting bookkeeping according to the current accounting standards;
  • Summary Balance Sheet
  • Annual Balance Sheet and Results Report


Human Resources Department

  • Orientation and control of the labor legislation, as well as Social Security, PIS, Guarantee Fund and others applicable to employment relationships kept by our clients;
  • Maintenance of employees records;
  • Elaboration of the employees Payroll as well as the partners (Pro-Labore), and the gathering guides of the social charges and taxes associated;
  • Attendance of other requirements legislated, as well as inspection procedures, admission and dismissal.


Remote Accessibility

Seeking a quick and safe solution from anywhere we let available a remote access to our clients.



Picking up a delivery of documents, our office has an honest and appropriate courier service, providing agility and safety throw protocols and shipments and deliveries of documents.